High Speed Shrink Labeling Equipment

Heavy duty equipment, designed with sophisticated software and modular components made to run 24 hours a day

Electric, Infrared and Steam Tunnels

Our Steam tunnels are multi-zone for versatility and ease of adjustment, designed to take on even the most difficult shrink labeling operation

Fully Automated Labeling Systems

This provides complete control over the production process and contributes to high efficiencies with minimal use of labor.

Bottle Sleeving and Fulfillment Services

Corona Contract Labeling & Packaging provides fast and flexible sleeving solutions, expansive warehousing facilities and can ship anywhere in the world.

Shrink Sleeve Labelers

NAFM designs, engineers and manufactures complete lines of shrink labeling and product handling systems.

Shrink Labeling

Innovative shrink labeling equipment and industry-leading experience ensures a perfect fit for every project.

Heat Shrink Tunnels

Our versatile heat tunnels apply precision shrink wraps for standard and custom size bottles and packaging.